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Subject: From TAB candidate, Andy Lee

Dear fellow Oasis member,

First thank you for your time to read this message and take time to vote for the TAB.

A TAB postion is very critical for ChangFeng alliance, or China official position, to promote Open Standard in general or OASIS in particular. China is still a very government control country. The symbolic position as TAB sometimes gives government reasons to do something, for example, to allocate budget for OASIS related activities.  It may sound absurd, but it is truely relevant. Therefore, the general secretary of ChangFeng  alliance, Mr. Xiao and myself will be very grateful that you can use your voting power to help us in this TA election. 

ChangFeng alliance has a very similar member company profile as OASIS, hence is a very good platform to the promote open standard and OASIS, we can push the general adoption of almost all OASIS standards in our member companies first, then China IT industry in general. China is now in a incredible growth period, all IT infrastructures, system, solutions are under construction. Because of the technology advance and Internet revolution, Chinese eBusiness posts a quite different picture than rest of the world. I think those user cases may help OASIS TCs to find some real customer requirements and market demands. Chinese government is very serious about the adoption of eBusiness to lower the barrier of market entry for manufacture companies.  China may need a faster pace to the full implementation of eBusiness in a much larger scale considering the real demand (Chinese companies have almost no market access due to the close-door policy between 1949-1979).  Hence we are confident if government can support us, OASIS will have a incredible role in almost every aspect of China eBusiness practices.

Attached is general description of ChangFeng alliance for your review.

Thanks again,



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