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Subject: VOTE for Frank Martinez - Candidate for Oasis Technical Board

Dear Oasis Voters:

As you know, the OASIS Technical Board voting process will close on Monday, June 26 at 11:00 PM EST. I urge you all to vote.

I am contacting you on behalf of Frank Martinez, a candidate for the OASIS technical board. Frank has a proven record of evangelizing and supporting the design and implementation of enterprise IT systems based on open, standards-based identifiers, formats and protocols. As such, he would be a great asset to the OASIS Technical Advisory Board especially in the areas of SOA, XML and Web Services related initiatives.
Frank has an avocation for the development and advancement of standards that can drive improved economics in the development, integration, deployment, management and evolution of IT systems. Particularly of interest to him is how the promotion of these initiatives through the processes in OASIS can help promote the adoption of technologies to solve business problems in more effective and innovative ways. This includes the role that standards convergence can play in mitigating business risk and how the stewardship of these standards within OASIS supports that goal.

Frank was the Founder, Chairman and CTO of Blue Titan Software. He has played various operating roles as a senior executive of three startup ventures and was instrumental in building INTERSHOP Communications - from an early-stage startup into a multi-billion dollar-valued public company - in less than three years. As an economist by education and technology entrepreneur by avocation, he founded TREIN Technologies which was subsequently acquired by INTERSHOP Communications in the fall of 1997. At INTERSHOP Frank was responsible for industry solutions, product management, strategy and corporate development. 

Frank was named one of InfoWorld Magazine's 2004 InfoWorld Innovators - "one of ten technology innovators whose work, creations, and ideas changed the way we look at technology." Past winners include Java creator James Gosling, World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, the XML working group, and the iSCSI working group. He was recognized for his unique vision and work at Blue Titan where he has led the design and development of service-oriented infrastructure software to change IT from a cost center to a center of business responsiveness. 
Frank was also one of CRN's "first-ever top 25 Innovators" - and as the article said, a "list, which features the hands-on technical gurus and product visionaries behind some of this year's most talked-about technologies." Along with others, the list includes such renowned technologists as XML and Web Services guru, Adam Bosworth of BEA Systems (now VP of Engineering and Platform Architecture at Google); Google Co-Founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin; Handspring Co-Founder and Chairman, Jeff Hawkins; Microsoft Tablet PC Architect, Bert Keely; and Apple Computer CTO, Avadis Tevanian.

In May 2006, Frank Martinez's Blue Titan Software was acquired by SOA Software. Currently he is Executive Vice President of Product Strategy for SOA Software.     

Thank you very much.

Lisa Blank, SOA Software, Inc. 

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