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Subject: A Letter from Rik Drummond for BOD at Oasis



My name is Rik Drummond and I am running for the OASIS Board of Directors.


As a fellow OASIS member, I am sure that, like me, you would like to see OASIS flourish and become even more successful.


We have done a great job connecting with other standards bodies over the last few years across the world in producing

innovative and leading edge standards. However, I think we still suffer in one area that is very important to completing OASIS’

destiny as the leading innovator in standards – bringing even more of those standards to product implementation and then to market.


It is one thing to produce a standard and another to see it become a market dominating standard. Very few standards become

market dominating. There are many reasons for this:  1) lack of a clear marketing or technical message for the standard,

 2) lack of a broad or real need by users,  3) a standard’s over-reaching complexity,  and 4) timing.


All of these factors contribute to the lack of commercial “Off The Shelf” products (COTS) in the market place supporting

the standard. However, since so many of our standards at OASIS are eBusiness and eGovernment focused, we have some

problems to address to engender COTS products in the marketplace:

  • How do we ensure that users’ needs are being met in the development of the standard?
  • Many of our standards assume interconnectivity to peers or subordinates for the exchange of information that

      eBusinesses and eGovernments will depend on in a day to day basis to fulfill their purpose. Is interoperability

      being addressed to aid in adoption?


As I assume most of you know, my company’s expertise is in testing, certifying and engendering interoperable eBusiness

and EGovernment COTS products in the market place. We have done this or helped to do this in ebMS v2 and SAML v2.

and several other standards that are used by many supply chains and industries. Even more important than the technology

side is aspect of driving adoption among all of these entities.


If you think this is important and needs more momentum as I do, I would appreciate your vote for the OASIS Board of Directors.


Thank You,


Rik Drummond






Rik Drummond


Drummond Group Inc

Cell: +1.817.239.1320


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