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Subject: A message from OASIS Board Candidate Jeff Mischkinsky

Dear OASIS Board of Directors Voters,

Just in case you've managed to put off making that tough decision I'd  
like to provide you with a friendly reminder that there is only one  
more day left to vote (or change your ballot if you inadvertently  
forgot to check my box :-).

While I'm at it, (you knew there'd be a short pitch ;-) I'd like to  
emphasize the key points you can find in my complete statement at:

the ballot is at:

I, and my company, bring to the table a depth of experience in the  
standards world and a core belief that the industry is served best  
when companies come together to cooperate on the development of  
standards on an open and level playing field, and compete on  

My major activities in the past 2 years on the Board (in addition to  
the usual monthly and weekly board meetings since Patrick Gannon's  
departure) were as Chair of the Process Committee, member of the  
Finance and IPR Committees, and member of the Executive Director  
Search Committee.

To help facilitate this I will focus on:
   o increasing transparency and accountability in the TC Chartering  
Process beyond what we have done in the last year
   o making changes to the TC Process to increase the credibility and  
"standing" of OASIS standards
   o improving the IPR policy by the addition of a "non-assert" IPR  
mode, and disclosure of Essential Claims (patents) earlier in the  
specification development cycle, when TC's can still take effective  
   o completing the addition of an "Informational Document" track so  
that TC's may officially approve "non-specification" documents such as  
white papers, best practices, guidelines, etc.
   o increasing clarity and broadening the usefulness of the Member  
Section policy
   o ensuring a successful and smooth transition for the new OASIS  
Executive Director
   o continued improvements in the OASIS IT infrastructure
   o continued improvements in board/member communication

Regardless of your choice I urge you to vote before the Thursday 19  
June 11:00 pm EDT deadline so that we elect directors who are  
representative of the entire OASIS electorate.

  Jeff Mischkinsky

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