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Subject: WebCGM ballot -- Important!

Fellow OASIS voting reps,


Please vote now on the WebCGM 2.1 ballot -- the deadline approaches!


If you have already voted, I apologize for this additional email --

many thanks for your help.


Many companies have not yet voted.  We only need a few to finish.


Please take 20 seconds to go to


login, and select "Yes". That's all it takes.


Why is it important that WebCGM 2.1 finish? Two principal reasons are:


1.) WebCGM is a foundation technology in the aerospace & defense (A&D) sectors. Multiple A&D standards bodies count on us to define this core technology, and they base their specialized profiles on it.


2.) WebCGM 2.1, like WebCGM 2.0 before it, is a cooperative co-development with W3C. W3C is now ready to publish, and the desire is that OASIS publish simultaneously.


Thanks for your time and attention.


Stuart Galt

Chair, WebCGM TC

Associate Technical Fellow – Graphics/Digital data exchange



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