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Subject: OASIS Board of Directors voting

Dear OASIS voters,

I wish to take this opportunity to solicit your support for 
the re-election of Frederick Hirsch, Fujitsu to the OASIS 
Board of Directors.

Fujitsu has shown a steady commitment to open standards and OASIS 
over many years. Fujitsu is a sponsor of the Borderless Cyber security 
event in Japan, active in many OASIS TCs, including the Cyber Threat 
Intelligence (CTI) TC, the Classification of Everyday Living (COEL) TC (chair), 
the Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) TC, the ebXML 
Messaging Services TC (secretary), Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) 
Standard TC, OSLC Lifecycle Integration for Project Management of 
Contracted Delivery (OSLC PROMCODE) TC, Production Planning and 
Scheduling (PPS) TC, Symptoms Automation Framework (SAF) TC, 
Test Assertions Guidelines (TAG) TC (chair), Topology and Orchestration 
Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) TC, Transformational Government 
Framework TC (chair), Web Services Basic Reliable and Secure Profiles 
(WS-BRSP) TC (chair), Web Services Reliable Exchange (WS-RX) TC, 
and the Web Services Secure Exchange (WS-SX) TC. 

Fujitsu has initiated some TCs at OASIS, for example Fujitsu is a founding 
member of OSLC Member Section, proposed the PROMCODE TC and proposed 
the COEL TC, to give a few examples.

Fujitsu has also strongly contributed to the governance of OASIS 
for many years, supporting both OASIS Board of Directors members 
and the Technical Advisory Board (TAB).  Mike DeNicola of Fujitsu also 
chairs the WS-I member section steering committee and helped merge 
WS-I into OASIS. 

Fujitsu has a continuing interest in improving the quality and adoption 
of OASIS specifications and wants to see OASIS continue to be recognized 
as an international organization. The current Board reflects the 
international scope of OASIS and we would like to see it continue to do so.

Frederick Hirsch is the present Chair of the OASIS Board of Directors, 
the Chair of the Board Staffing Committee, a member of the OASIS Executive 
Committee, Finance, Process and Governance Committees. Previously he 
chaired the OASIS Strategy Committee, IPR Committee and served as Vice-Chair, 
Secretary and TAB liaison. You may find details in his statement at: https://www.oasis-open.org/private/elections/2016board/hirsch.php

Please take a minute to vote now and please vote for Frederick Hirsch 
in the ballot open at: 

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Kazunori Iwasa
Manager, Software Integration Planning Department,
Service Platform Strategy & Planning Office, Fujitsu Limited
E-mail: kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com
Phone: +81-45-473-9043(ext.72-60-350212)  FAX:+45-473-9178

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