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Subject: OASIS Board Election - Gershon online for Q&A from 12pm-9pm EDT

Dear fellow OASIS member,

The OASIS Board Election 2018 closes today at 9pm EDT.

Not voted yet or unsure who to vote for?

Get into a online conversation with me, Gershon Janssen, only today (Wednesday 27 June) between 12pm - 9pm EDT!


I'll be online in this web chatroom, happy to talk about anything and everything! There is no need to login -- just click the link and engage anonymously or, if you choose to, by your handle / nickname / real name.

Feel free to share your questions, suggestions, views, priorities and trends and I will get into a conversation about it.

If you don't feel comfortable posting to this chatroom, connect with me via email and I will reply privately.

My campaign video is at: https://youtu.be/sMGxZsznm8A

You can vote / change your vote till 9pm EDT:

Annual Election Ballot:
Special Election Ballot:

I would be honored if you cast one of your ballots for me!

Kind regards,

Gershon Janssen

Independent Consultant
E-mail: gershon@qroot.com

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