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Subject: FW: OASIS BoD Elections

OASIS Voting Members:


As the voting window closes in 7 hours for both elections for the OASIS Board, I would just like to send a final THANK YOU to who have participated in the process already and encourage those who have not yet voted to acquaint yourself with the candidates and cast your votes for the Annual Election and the Special Election.

So, what differentiates me from the other excellent candidates?  Although I’ve been an active contributor to OASIS for 15+ years, those who are not active in the LegalXML Member Section may be unfamiliar with me and my company, MTG Management Consultants LLC.  Rather than duplicating my candidate profile here, let me simply say that I would be honored to have an opportunity to serve the entire OASIS membership using all of my experience in OASIS as a contributor, TC chair, and Member Section Steering Committee chair; in other standards and non-profit organizations as a contributor, committee chair and Board member; and assisting my public sector clients.  I am proud of the work we have accomplished in OASIS together and continue to be excited for the potential of open standards to improve interoperability and information sharing.

Thank you for your consideration,

     Jim Cabral

     MTG Management Consultants LLC



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