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Subject: Mrs. Fields Cookies Co-Founder's OTCBB:"PKCY" Reports OutstandingQuarter


Major Email Stock/News Alert Via WAYPOINT


Mrs. Fields Cookies Co-Founder, Randy Fields

Stock Symbol: PKCY

Trading Around Twelve Cents ($0.12)



Get Current Quote Here: OTCBB PKCY


Most recent Press Releases: PKCY-NEWS

Park City Group Reports Third Quarter Increase in Revenues, Significantly Improved Operating Earnings and Second Consecutive Quarter of Profitability

"We have experienced a surge in operating earnings over the past two quarters as well as in comparison of year over year. This is an outstanding achievement for the Company," states Randy Fields, Chairman and CEO of Park City Group.

Why Consider "PKCY"?

PKCY Experiences Outstanding Third Quarter Results!

PKCY Announced Its Second Consecutive Profitable Quarter For The Quarter Ended March 31, 2004!

PKCY Announces New Strategy To Offer Software Products To Major Market Segment Retailers With 5-50 Locations, Typical Revenue Per New ASP Customer Expected To Be $50,000 Or More!

PKCY Liabilities Have Been Reduced By Over $1,000,000!

PKCY Has Started Trading On A European Stock Exchange, Volume Should Dramatically Increase!

PKCY Has Major Clients Like Victoria’s Secret, Home Depot, The Limited, Anheuser Bush Entertainment, To Name A Few That Are Currently Using This Software!

PKCY Initiates World Wide Investor Awareness Program!

PKCY Increases Revenues With New Licenses To Existing Customers!

PKCY Has Achieved 2nd Consecutive Quarters Of Profitability And Increased Revenues!

PKCY Reported 94% Revenue Increase In 2nd Quarter!

PKCY Has A New Software Distributor Who Has Signed A Million Dollar Contract!

PKCY Has Patents That Give Them Unique Blocking Control Of Key Software Competitors!

PKCY Has The Products That Help Customers Compete Against Wal-Mart!

PKCY Has Marquee Customers That Provide Sustained Revenue And Continue To Purchase More Products!

PKCY Has A “Been There and Done That” Skill Set That Grew Mrs. Fields Cookies From 1 to 600 Stores!


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