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Subject: Now Available Wireless Cable TV System

Wireless Cable TV
By Angeltrax Wireless

Owners Manual

  • Transmit Cable TV Channels up to 300' Line of Site
  • Transmit through walls and almost any obstacle
  • Perfect Picture and Audio Quality
  • Works Independent of all other TVs'
  • Change Channels on remote TV as you watch
  • Switch to A/V on our remote and watch you favorite DVD movie, Completely Wireless
  • Transmit Cable TV to your Computer through your USB Port

    for only $139.95

Do you have Cable TV? If so, maybe you have a room, a kitchen, garage, workshop or the back porch where you would like to have cableTV but getting that pesky cable there is a problem

No Longer A Problem.
Now you can enjoy full cable TV without having to run any cable. Just takes 5 minutes to connect our exclusive CATV2400 system and you have cable TV where you want it, when you want it and without affecting any other TV in your home. The CATV2400 has it's own built in cable ready TV tuner allowing you to control the channel you would like to watch while others watch their choice on your other TVs'.

Frequently Asked Questions

The HOT NEW CATV2400 Wireless Cable TV system (Patent Pending) is one of the hottest new electronic products for 2004. The systems includes all necessary items to transmits cable TV channels to any room in your home provided you have Cable TV service from a local provider. This system is self contained and works completely independent of your other TVs'. In other words, you can watch any channel on the remote TV and watch any other channel on your other TVs'.

Read Wire News Release

Or Your Money Back

Have you called your cable provider and asked them to run a new cable drop for you lately?

Just let Angeltrax solve the problem in 5 minutes!



Need Cable TV in the Kitchen? Or maybe on the back porch while you cookout? Our new Patent Pending CATV2400....

Thousands of families are enjoying the CATV2400. Here are a few of their comments!

"I received my CATV2400 and the installation took just a few minutes. It works even better that advertised" John Sanders, NY

"Finally someone got it right! An unbelievable product and picture quality is the same as if I had my cable plugged directly into my TV" Danny Cosby, CA

"My wife and I are continuing to enjoy cooking out and watching our favorite shows on a screened porch. Thank you AngelTrax fro a great product" Tim Griffin, B'Ham

"I removed the cable wires hanging across my closets in 2 bedrooms and bought 2 of thee CATV2400s'. The operation and performance was way beyond our expectations. Fantastic Product" Dave Plunkett, AL

"I had interference with my wireless phone and called your Tech Line and within 30 seconds the problem was solved. I would recommend this product to anyone that has cable TV" Gene Hicks, NC (800-673-1788)

"WOW, what an amazing product! I have tried all the other so-called wireless products to transmit my TV and Digital Cable. The CATV2400 is in a league of it's own"Tim Griffin, CA

Angeltrax Wireless
IVS, Inc.




AngelTrax.com · 9540 US Highway 84 West · Newton, AL 36352

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