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Subject: New Stock Issues Alert: MEIC (OTC Pink Sheets)


                         New Stock Issues Alert


                         May 29th          Issue:  376



   Showcasing:  Media International Concepts Inc.

   OTC Pink Sheets Symbol:  MEIC 

Shares Outstanding:        54,000,000  
Float:                                10,000,000
Website:                        www.mici.tv
Current Price:                            $.10

MEIC:  Enters $150+ Billion Infomercial Market With
Oscar-Winning Actor Ernest Borgnine!!

Media International Concepts, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets Symbol:  MEIC) has acquired Opportunity Productions, a Los Angeles-based full-service ad program company specializing in video and informercial production.  Opportunity Production’s clients include Oxy Fresh, Herbalife, Envirotech and Mastercraft.  This acquisition will provide MEIC the means to enter the $150 Billion infomercial industry--according to The New York Times on April 12th, 2004 (www.nytimes.com).

Opportunity Productions shot an infomercial for Alpha-Flex™ With Omega 5E the weekend of April 30th and is slated for a target air date of June 2004.  Alpha-Flex™ is an HGH anti-aging product for muscle and joint health and is endorsed by world-class athletes like Paul Otto with the NFL team Oakland Raiders and Paula Newby-Fraser, Ironman Tri-Athlete Champion. 

The infomercial for Sierra Life Sciences Alpha-Flex™ products is being hosted by Academy-Award winning actor Ernest Borgnine!  Mr. Borgnine, known for films such as “From Here to Eternity,” “Marty,” and “The Dirty Dozen,” stated that “For many years I have had problems with my knees and trouble sleeping.  After using the Alpha-Flex™ products the pain was gone and I started sleeping at night again.  I am so excited about the opportunity to tell everybody in the U.S. about Alpha-Flex™.  Everything I say on the program comes from my heart.”

MEIC’s business plan involves acquiring and operating advertising, entertainment and educational programming and production companies.  Leading this effort is MEIC’s CEO, Michael Marcovsky.  Mr. Marcovsky has extensive experience in the cable television and entertainment fields, with management positions with Time Warner Cable, and Buena Vista Distribution, a division of Walt Disney Productions.  He also was Chairman and CEO of The Nostalgia Network and is currently President and Owner of Marnel Associates, Ltd., a Los Angeles communications firm whose clients include ABC, CBS, Citibank, and Cox Cable.

MEIC has also formed a Board of Advisors to guide the Company in its initial creative, marketing and financial endeavors.  Nyhl Henson, a co-creator of Nickelodeon TV and former CEO of Country Music Television (CMT) will provide guidance regarding programming, production and distribution.

As CEO of IVI Communications, Inc., Mr. Henson will help MEIC achieve entry into the fixed broadband wireless market. Phil Cohen, CEO of Pet Care TV (OTC BB: PTNW) and former Director of special projects for 20th Century Fox, will advise MEIC regarding marketing, merchandising, licensing and production matters.

MEIC has executed a Letter of Commitment with Spike’s Pictures, LLC to acquire an 8.33% ownership interest in the feature motion picture “Spike’s,” starring Christina Applegate and Paul Sorvino. MEIC’s interest in “Spike’s” could be worth up  to $600,000 in profit with a U.S. theatrical release, according to Spike’s Pictures, LLC projections. 

Christina Applegate starred in the TV sitcoms “Married . . .With Children” and “Jesse” and has co-starred with Cameron Diaz in the feature film “The Sweetest Thing” and Gwyneth Paltrow in “View from the Top.”  Paul Sorvino has appeared in the major films Goodfellas” and “Dick Tracy.”

MEIC has acquired the master license to “Fruity Fables,” a family-oriented animated program akin to “Veggie Tales” Christian-oriented programming.  MEIC will produce, distribute and sell the video productions, as well as add additional revenue streams through merchandizing and sales of character licensing rights in future years.

Star and Shana Pritchard are the co-creators of the Fruity Fables concept.  Their uncle, Chuck Jones, director at Warner Bros., was one of the 5 “fathers” of the characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd, and personal creator of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

MEIC has recently announced that 2004 revenues are estimated at $2,000,000 with an EBITDA of $165,000, based upon projections of their wholly-owned subsidiary Opportunity Productions. Revenues are projected to be $13,000,000 in 2005, $48,000,000 in 2006, and $54,000,000 for 2007.  CEO Michael Marcovsky stated that the projections are based upon “estimated growth for Opportunity Productions as well as the production and distribution from MEIC’s master license of the family-oriented animated programming, “Fruity Fables,” but does not include revenue estimates from any contemplated acquisitions.”

This report is for informational purposes only, and is neither a solicitation to buy nor an offer to sell securities. Investment in low-priced small and micro-cap stocks are considered extremely speculative and may result in the loss of some or all of any investment made in these companies.  ATN Enterprises, LLC is not a registered investment advisor or a broker-dealer. Information, opinions and analysis contained herein are based on sources believed to be reliable, but no representation, expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, completeness or correctness. The opinions contained herein reflect our current judgment and are subject to change without notice. ATN Enterprises, LLC assumes no responsibility for updating the information contained herein regardless of any change in MEIC's financial or operating condition.  As ATN Enterprises, LLC has received compensation for this report, and will benefit from any increase in share price of the advertised company, there is an inherent conflict of interest in our statements and opinions.  ATN Enterprises, LLC accepts no liability for any losses arising from an investor’s reliance on, or use of, this report.  MEIC will require additional capital to realize its business plan and continue as a going concern.  ATN Enterprises, LLC has been hired by a third party consultant, and is contracted to receive 2,000,000 free-trading shares of MEIC for the publication and dissemination of this issue #376.  ATN Enterprises, LLC and its affiliates or officers may buy hold or sell common shares, of mentioned companies, in the open market or in private transactions at any time without notice. Certain information included herein is forward-looking within the context of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including, but not limited to, statements concerning manufacturing, marketing, growth, and expansion.  The words "may," "would," "will," "expect," "estimate," "anticipate," "believe," "intend," and similar expressions and variations thereof are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking information involves important risks and uncertainties that could affect actual results and cause them to differ materially from expectations expressed herein.



ATN Enterprises · P.O. Box 2345 · Bonita Springs, FL 34133

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