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Subject: Opportunities to work with other TC's

 Ladies and Gents,
Welcome to the WAS mailing list and TC.
Over the coming weeks I will be preparing an agenda for the first TC meeting to be held on July 3rd and circulate it with plenty of time for comments and inclusions. In the interim time I wanted to let you know of these opportunities to integrate our work with other TC's as well as obviously AVDL. I will ensure work with other TC's is a line item on that first call.
Again welcome and looking forward to working with you all.

I have joined the WAS TC and am very interested in its work. I would
like to suggest synergy and a liaison between this group and the DMTF's
(Distributed Management Task Force's) Security Protection and Management
working group (aka SPAM).  The SPAM WG is pursuing similar goals.  Its
charter is attached. 

Hi Mark,
I am Vice Chairman of the Emergency Management TC and Chairman of the Emergency Management Infrastructure SC and have joined the WAS-TC as a observer. I'd like to investigate liasing my SC with your committee going forward to potentially apply the components of your security work product to our EM processes. Would you be interested in such a relationship and if so, how would we begin the process?
R.A. (Rick) Carlton
949.433.4127 mobile
949.646.8853 land line

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