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Subject: Apologies and introduction for the Inaugural Meeting of the WAS TC

Mark and the members of the WAS TC,

My apologies but I cannot make the call today.  I would like to
introduce myself - Andrea Westerinen - working for Cisco Systems and
also VP of Technology of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).
I am interested in the work of this TC since it is of concern to my
company and overlaps work of the DMTF, the Security Protection and
Management Working Group.  In the DMTF, we also are working on:
- a classification scheme for web security vulnerabilities
- a model to provide guidance for initial threat, impact and therefore 
risk ratings
In fact, the DMTF WG has already begun classifying security
events/notifications. This work may help to jump-start the TC, and the
feedback and extensions from the TC would be very valuable to us.  I
would like to propose a liaison between our groups such that we produce
a single classification scheme and model for the industry.

I must also send my apologies in advance for other calls since I have a
standing conflict on Thursdays at 9am.  I will try to attend as many
calls as possible.


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From: mark@curphey.com [mailto:mark@curphey.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 11:12 AM
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Subject: [was] Groups - Inaugural Meeting of the WAS TC modified

Inaugural Meeting of the WAS TC has been modified by Mark Curphey

Event description:
The call in numbers are below.
Toll-Free (Canada & USA)  - (866) 613-5220
Universal Int'l Toll-Free - (800) 387-83777
Participant Passcode - 9648501#

This is the initial meeting of the WAS Technical Committee. This meeting
is an introductory committee meeting for members to introduce themselves
and to clarify any items before we start work in earnest.

With a substantial membership, we will conduct an initial roll call and
ask each member to spend no more that 3 minutes talking about their
experience and what they are hoping to contribute to the effort.  

Mark Curphey will then read through the TC proposal and answer any
questions you may have and take note of any suggestions. 

Date:  Thursday, 03 July 2003
Time:  12:00pm - 01:00pm Eastern Time

View event details:

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