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Subject: WAS TC Agenda for today July 17th

First my sincere apologies for this meeting agenda being late. 

I have put together the following agenda items for our meeting tomorrow.

1. Vote for Liaison Officer

2. Proposed Project Plan for Classification

Week 1  2
Objective: Agree an approach
Discussion of the potential ways we can tackle this problem. Things to think about include taxonomy vs classification scheme, listing, object design etc. We will call on members to discuss their experience.

Week 2- 4
Objective: Agree categories and content requirements
Discussion and agreement on the content that will need to be created and should be included and assignment of content creation tasks. Presentation of content template.

Week 4 - 8
Objective: Updates to the content creation process and discussion / refinement of content.

Week 8  10
Objective: Review of the correlated content

Week 12
Objective: Content approval

3. Update from Jeremy Poteet on AVDL, DMTF and EMTC

4. Agree on approach for classification scheme

If you have any items that you would like to be added to this agenda please let me know.

Kind regards,


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