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Subject: WAS Schema first draft forwarded from Andrew Jaquith


Attached below is an email and the first draft at the schema from Andrew Jaquith to deal with the classification / thesaurus. There is also a Java skunk works app using it. Andy is on the road this week and so unable to attend this weeks meeting. I am also unable to attend this weeks meeting so I am proposing we donít meet this week, have an additional meeting next week but still plough on over the email list. I know most people were waiting on this schema to get their teeth into things so I hope things will really get going now. Hint, hint ;-)

I am pretty conscious of time given that in order to maintain schedule we really need to produce the textual document within a few weeks. So we need to get into this and close out on the characteristics and groupings this week. I will then take the lead on creating the documentation version of the thesaurus that we will release and we can move onto the risk ranking and then the guts of the WAS format.

Andy you are a star!


<Andrew Jaquith>


Here is the first cut at an XML schema for WAS. The schema is pretty 
straightforward, and is taken directly from the Word doc you sent 
previously, plus or minus one or two minor tweaks I've made.

I've enclosed the schema (src/schema) and a sample Java app 
(SerializerTester) that creates a Vulnerability object, serializes it to 
XML, and deserializes it back into an object graph. If you are wondering 
why the file is so huge, it's because I enclosed all of the Java and 

If you want to run the Java app you will need a recent JDK (1.4.2 is 
what I used) and the Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.2.

Everything pretty much flows from the schema, so we can modify it at 
will & then re-generate the Java. I've enclosed an Ant build.xml file 
that automates the build process.



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