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Subject: Todays Agenda

With a unanimous vote to move forward to the XML portion of the WAS proposal (5 of 17 voted) I have drafted todays agenda.
Todays meeting is an additional one to make up for last weeks cancellation. The regular call-in numbers apply.
12-00 to 12-05 - Roll call
12-05 to 12-10 - Milestone Check - Mark Curphey
12-10 to 12-30 - Explanation / Description of OWASP VulnXML - Rogan Dawes / Ingo Struck
12-30 to 12-50 - Discussion of VulnXML / WAS objectives
12-50 to 12-55 - Conclusion - Mark Curphey
Based on the ballot I am going to continue with the thesaurus and risk ranking model offline. Neither should affect the main portion of this format at this stage. I will circle back in a few weeks for everyones opinion on what I produce and we can then work it into the grand schema.
I see no reason why we can't immediately start working on the schema actively from todays meeting, so am looking forward to a lot of progress from here on in. As food for thought I am going to send on my Top 8 objectives for this (seen from the perspective of extending what we have with VulnXML) in a separate mail for discussion. I will create a basic one page requirements doc after todays meeting.
Kind regards,

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