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Subject: WAS Core 0.2 Meta-Data

I took a 2nd pass at the descriptive data for the WAS format. I used Schema
although I haven't closed out with Ingo and crew the format to move forward
quick. Hope this was OK. Sorry if not. I generated some schematics for
easier viewing also attached.

Given that I see (and as Ingo said) this is the data that describes the
non-executable part of the signature which would be used for searching,
storing, retrieving data and generating reports and alerts (i.e. signature
management not execution), I have included the following elements

<WAS Meta-Data>

I intentionally kept anything to do with the execution such as ApplicableTo
or Arch out for now. I can see how that data would also want to be searched
so I think its still missing at least one major element.

This is just a strawman as that consultant said ;-). There are things like
provisions for dig sigs of the authors and providers to cater for etc and I
am far from happy with typation etc but ....we will also want to optimize
elements for attributes for performance when we are done but.

I started looking back through the email archives and trying to understand
if I captured the characteristics thread. I am not sure I maybe missing the
point of it now. Can someone explain it and let me know what I have missed
or captured ?

Does anyone know anything about XForms as a good way to build a skunk works
data-entry interface by the way ? (half off topic to please reply offline)

If this is getting close, I will take a few example issues and write them up
as documents using the schema so we can see which bits work and which bits



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