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Subject: Agenda for Thursday 25th


I haven't seen any replies to the initial strawman I sent out for the
Meta-Content part of WAS. I am therefore assuming people think it is a
reasonable place to start and I should tighten it up. It was simple after
all. Out of interest does anyone have any experience or opinions of xforms ?
I was thinking of building a simple UI to input data.....

Therefore as I see it we have two good starting points for the Meta-Data and
Thesaurus that will be embedded into the Meta-Data 75% complete. I will
spend some time this afternoon working on linking and tightening those two
bits and send out an update with the instance documents.

Given that Rogan and Ingo have the most experience of the main executeable
signature I would like to ask them if they would lead the creation of this
part however they would like. I am hoping both will be able to attend the
meeting tomorow ? If so I will create an agenda accordingly, if not I will
create an agenda based around completing the Meta-Data portions.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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