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Subject: WAS Meeting Agenda

As you all know there is a meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 12pm EST. This
will be an important meeting to kick the tires of the limitations of the
current VulnXML format.

My Meta-Data, Profile, Thesaurus and Risk Ranking updates are still not
complete although I am making progress. I have taken a month off work to
focus on getting this complete and a few other things so it will get done.

In the interim time Rogan has made good progress with the initial WAS
executor so we can spend the meeting discussing what tests can and can't be
performed with the current format as planned and start to design WAS Version
1.0 accordingly. Of course we can make the decision that not every type of
test should be supported in the initial version 1.0 !

I will provide Rogan with a Placeware URL so that he can demonstrate the
executor today with us over the web which I think will be an easier way to
run through a demo in a controlled manner.

To connect to the demo simply point your browser at; 


Meeting ID: WAS 
Meeting URL: http://www.placeware.com/cc/watchfire 
To Attend:  Users enter the Meeting Key: 191252  

The telephone conference number is the same as always: 1 866 613 5220
participant code 9648501

Note I cant find the international codes so please look up the country codes
I sent out before. 

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