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Subject: Meeting Slides

Please find attached the meeting slides I will use for todays meeting.
If you are not able to attend but would like to actively (actively) participate in Core, Test or Protect, then please drop me a mail. 

	Telephone Conference Details
	To join the call;
	Dial 1 800 485 8026
	Enter the Conference ID: 1260450
	There will also be a online PowerPoint following the agenda
	For Participants Viewing PowerPoint Presentations If you are not showing PowerPoint Presentation, participants should use the instructions above (Standard Call Instructions - Participant) For participants to view presentations:
	1. Go to www.anytime.com
	2. Click Join Conference
	3. Enter name and email address
	4. Enter the Conference ID: 
	5. Select or


	This meeting is ther monthly status update for the WAS Technical Commitee. It will follow the basic outline of 
	Role Call
	General Updates
	Core Update
	Test Update
	Protect Update 


OASIS WAS Feb 9th, 2004.ppt

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