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Subject: Meeting Cancellation Today

Due to unforeseen work circumstances I am unable to Chair today's
meeting therefore I suggest we cancel it this month. 

Here are the monthly updates as I know;

Core - Face to Face meeting planned for the 23rd March in Washington.
Objective, complete WAS Core (Meta and Profile) and start creating

Protect - Ivan is on vacation but has a draft of his requirements
together and is actively working on the initial schema for the protect
element. I have started discussions with several large infrastructure
vendors who are interested in WAS and Protect. 

Test - No progress to date. New sub-group member (Yen-Ming Chen) who
will write a C# execution engine as well as develop the format. 

After this months face to face there WILL be lots of progress to report
at next months meeting.

I have started work on a WAS vision document which sets out the aims of
WAS and what a WAS enabled world look like. It essentially describes the
vulnerability management life cycle from researcher to system
maintenance and how WAS could be used in each phase. I will present this
draft to the CORE meeting in DC for review and then circulate to this
list for further review.

Mark Curphey
Consulting Director
Foundstone, Inc.
Strategic Security

949.297.5600 x2070 Tel 
781.738.0857 Cell
949.297.5575 Fax 


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