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Subject: Notes on WAS Face to Face

As you will know from the notifications I have uploaded the meeting
minutes from last weeks face to face and the updated working schema.

It was a great meeting and we are making real progress. I am fairly
confident we can publish the drafts of meta-data and profile as well the
supporting documents before the end of April.

The supporting documents will be;

OASIS WAS Thesaurus (using VulnTypes) - this is the classification
OASIS WAS Vision Document
OASIS WAS Core Schema Documented

For those who don't read the minutes or look at the schema, I think some
of the important schema is below. This will allow for rich metrics and
measurement programs to be created by using the categories. 

	<xsd:simpleType name="vulnList">
		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
			<xsd:enumeration value="AccessControl" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="ConfigurationManagement"
value="ConfigurationManagement.Administration" />
value="ConfigurationManagement.Application" />
value="ConfigurationManagement.Infrastructure" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="IntegerOverflow" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="DataProtection" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="DataProtection.Storage"
value="DataProtection.Transport" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="InputValidation" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="InputValidation.User" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="InputValidation.Network"
			<xsd:enumeration value="InputValidation.File" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Concurrency" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="AppDOS" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="AppDOS.Flood" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="AppDOS.Lockout" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="BufferOverflow.Heap" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="BufferOverflow.Stack" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="BufferOverflow.Format"
			<xsd:enumeration value="Injection" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Injection.OS" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Injection.SQL" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Injection.HTML" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Injection.OSCommand" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Injection.LDAP" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Injection.XSS" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="ErrorHandling" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Monitoring" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Monitoring.Logging" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Monitoring.Detection" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Cryptography" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Cryptography.Algorithm"
value="Cryptography.KeyManagement" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Authentication" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Authentication.User" />
value="Authentication.UserManagement" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Authentication.Entity"
value="Authentication.SessionManagement" />
	<xsd:simpleType name="appType">
		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
			<xsd:enumeration value="client-server" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="web service" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="standalone" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="p2p" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="web application" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="server" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="client" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="mainframe" />
	<xsd:simpleType name="rootCauseType">
		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
			<xsd:enumeration value="software defect" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="config" />
	<xsd:simpleType name="RelatedProcesses">
		<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
			<xsd:enumeration value="RequirementsAnalysis" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="DesignAnalysis" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="code" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="SecurityTesting" />
			<xsd:enumeration value="Deployment" />

Mark Curphey
Consulting Director
Foundstone, Inc.
Strategic Security

949.297.5600 x2070 Tel 
781.738.0857 Cell
949.297.5575 Fax 


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