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Subject: Re: [was] WAS Protect update

> BeanShell is another scripting option that fits well into any Java-based
> architecture. It has some XML-friendly serialization support, i.e. it could
> be saved inside an XML document in XML-compliant format (no '>' etc).

  While nice, I don't think BeanShell is a good choice for our purposes.
  It is not a standard, there are no implementations for architectures
  other than Java, and even on Java it is too slow to be put into a web
  server (does not compile into bytecode).

> Also, "detect" element needs to deal with a similar problem.
> Whatever the solution is, it makes sense to apply it uniformly across WAS
> (to both detect and protect elements).

  I agree. They should at least use the same object model.

ModSecurity (http://www.modsecurity.org)
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