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Subject: Today's meeting

Title: Today's meeting

I dialed in to the meeting today but apparently it was cancelled.  I missed the last couple of meetings so I was looking for an update.  The website is not updated so I was wondering if someone could reply to the group list and give a status of activities from the TC.  Thanks.


Kevin Heineman
Vice President of Services and Engineering
S.P.I. Dynamics, Inc.
Direct: 678.781.4830
Fax: 678.781.4850
Secure. Protect. Inspect.

"Gartner estimates that if 50 percent of software vulnerabilities were
removed prior to production use for purchased and internally developed
software, enterprise configuration management costs and incident response
costs would be reduced by 75 percent each."

                        Gartner, Inc. Research Note
                        "Require Vulnerability Testing During Software Development"
                        September 10, 2003

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