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Subject: Re: [was] Today's meeting

Quoting Kevin Heineman <kheineman@spidynamics.com>:

> I dialed in to the meeting today but apparently it was cancelled.  I
> missed the last couple of meetings so I was looking for an update.  The
> website is not updated so I was wondering if someone could reply to the
> group list and give a status of activities from the TC.  Thanks.
> Regards,
> Kevin Heineman

Hi Kevin,

It looks like the level of interest in WAS-XML has dropped significantly (to
zero, practically)

I personally have very little time to spend on it nowadays, and frankly, I'm not
even convinced that XML is the right tool to describe complex interactions,
possibly involving multiple threads and multiple requests. It seems that all we
would be doing is creating a new specialised programming language, with none of
the flexibility of a 1st class language, and all the downsides and complexity
of an XML document.

Maybe we were being too ambitious . . .


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