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Subject: WAS protect component


We'll have a conf. call tomorrow Wednesday, November 17, 8 AM PST (11 AM 
This is not a regularly scheduled call and the agenda is to talk 
primarily about the protect component.

A protect component implementation has been developed by  Ivan Ristic in 
mod_security. The objective is to make it fit well into WAS schema and 
collect opinions from implementers of similar technologies in other open 
source projects and commercial products such as application firewalls 
and IDSs.
For more information on Ivan's implementation, please see:

  Everything you need to read is right here:

  Partial implementation here:

Depending on the attendance we may be addressing other issues and 
collecting additional feedback on the current schema.
For current schema, please go to:

And examine November 12 2004 schema postings.

Conference ID:                  1080736
Dial-in number:                  1-888-272-7337
International dial-in:           1-303-928-2688



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