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Subject: Re: [was] The next WAS TC conference call Wed Dec 22

Correction: please ignore the last paragraph about your status, of 
course the status stays the same as it was before. However, the 
subsequent conf. calls will result in status change for 
non-participating members in order to compy with Oasis rules and also so 
that we can cast a valid vote and achieve a quarum at ballot time.

Also, we prefer that all communication about the standard within the 
group be public, so please send your thoughts and suggestions to the 
list rather than to me personally.
... and so for the sake of disclosure of contents of conversation with 
those I contacted individually I basically asked current members for 
participation so that we may get this standard out.

As mentioned before, I'd like to encourage prospective members and 
observers to become voting members by participation in conf. calls.
Also, reviewing the schema and commenting on it is essential.


> Hello folks,
> The next  conference call is:
> Wednesday, 22 December 2004, 08:00am to 09:00am PST (11am to 12pm EST).
> In an effort to speed up the process of finalizing the schema (EVDL 
> 0.1) towards creating a standard and to get more discussion in the 
> group, I have contacted members individually and received commitment 
> from several members to participate actively. I think we can pull this 
> off with a few weeks of effort of finalizing the work that has been done.
> We need as many voting members as possible, with active participation 
> to make this standard meaningful and widely accepted.
> I'd like to invite those who are not voting members to participate to 
> be able to vote, I hope we can get as many people as possible for this 
> upcoming conference call.
> According to Oasis rules, at least 2 out of any group of 3 conference
> calls needs to be attended for a member to remain voting member or to
> switch to "voting member" from "prospective member". As of now,
> according to the Oasis portal database, your status is "prospective 
> member".
> Thanks,
> Peter
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