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Subject: WAS Protect (or is it EVDL Protect now?)

I have just released the fifth version of the Protect specification. It 
did not change much, I changed the syntax slightly and it now makes more 
sense. More importantly, the new release of the specification is 
accompanies by the full implementation in Java (the implementation is of 
near-beta quality). Find the documentation and the software here:


With regards to the specification, I am almost entirely satisfied with 
it. It is capable of doing all the things I want it to, and in a simple 
and understandable manner. Or so I think. Other opinions are welcome.

Consequently, there are very few outstanding issues:

1. Meta-data. I feel the schema needs a few fields for meta data and
    versioning. For example, version number, release data, etc.

2. The schema probably needs more work. I am no Schema expert and I
    doubt I'll have time to learn more about it. Help is more than

3. A proper specification - I will write it once the format is
    accepted and frozen.

Ivan Ristic (http://www.modsecurity.org)

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