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Subject: evdl 0.1 update

I submitted an update to the schema, including auto-generated schema 
documentation and updated sample to:


Please note that all documents are accessible to the general public, but 
you have to modify the URL:


For the list of all publically accessible docs go to:

This schema revision contains the following modifications:

  changes in EVDL schema:
  - renamed <sca> to <analysis> to make it consistent with naming
    convention of other verticals, such as protect, detect
  - cleaned up redundancy with ID:
  <ID>magnolia-9E9BC8AD2338EBBBF6986C4255409A6D </ID>
  instead of:
  <ID testCaseID="magnolia-9E9BC8AD2338EBBBF6986C4255409A6D"/>
  - corrected example to have more meaningful and neutral data
  - rootCause, relatedCauses cleaned up in schema and sca sample, new 
sample contains:
  - added licenseText minOccurs=0
              <xsd:element name="licenseText" type="xsd:string" 


Also, we discovered additional inconsistencies in the schema that we'll 
be correcting:
    - need more modeling, e.g. in sample, empty fields: need examples 
from real
     need modeling: is Title "per instance" or "per type"?
     e.g. Injection.SQL might always have the same title
    - need to modify locationOfIssue, make compatible with analysis vertical
    - sca has difference case from profile etc.: UpperCamelCase, as opposed
      to lowerCamelCase
    - need many small modifications to core schema for consistency 
relating to CamelCase

We'll review the changes at the next confcall 1/19/2005.


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