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Subject: Re: [was] The ID generation issue

Peter Michalek wrote:
>> I agree with the idea to delete the date from the ID.  
> PM> Date: Issues 2b, date could be deleted (but it doesn't improve 
> anything).
> Another approach would be to change the wording of ID creation to 
> suggest that date is optional.
> {company-specific-prefix}-foundstone.com-0001
> or foundstone.com-0001-{optional-date}-{company-specific-data}
> I think the reasoning behind the original ID formula and inclusion of 
> date was similarity with CVE ids which I think contains dates to make 
> IDS more human-readable.

   My only problem with the date is that it isn't clear whether
   a revision of an entry results in the change of ID. If we
   explicitly state that the ID must not change (I noticed this is
   what Peter said later on in his email) then the date is fine
   as far as I am concerned.

Ivan Ristic (http://www.modsecurity.org)

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