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Subject: Nomination for TC Chair

Dear Members of the TC

I would like to hereby nominate Cedric Huesler as a candidate for the
chair for the WEMI TC.

Cedric is a colleague of mine at Adobe and serves as the Senior
Product Manager for Web Experience Management and joined Adobe
together with me through the acquisition of Day Software in 2010.
Cedric has 12 years experience in the web content management space,
leading WCM/CMS product management at the Swiss startup Obtree
Technologies and later in product management positions for OpenText.
After that Cedric was the Engineering Director at local.ch and
gathered a lot of experience in open source and standards.
He recently moved from Switzerland to Palo Alto (California).

I think that Cedric brings an ideal and unique combination of a deep
technology understanding as well as a broad experience in our space to
the table as well as a track record for a result oriented, efficient
working style.

I know Cedric personally for over a decade and I can fully recommend
Cedric as a candidate for the position of the chair of this TC.


David Nuescheler | VP, Enterprise Technology  | Adobe Systems

twitter: @davidnuescheler

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