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Subject: Question about compatibility with PHP ?


Now that we concentrate on one document, in the previous work document [1], I had a question that I think was lost in the conversion to the aggregated document is : 

"I was also wondering about technical feasability of this solution. It seems that implementing this (request headers on access WEMI document) in PHP might not be trivial if we want to WEMI-fy an existing product, it would require some tricks such as the ones described herehttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/395650/url-mapping-in-php , unless I'm missing something ? In Java it is rather trivial to implement with filters, but we might hit some roadblocks in other server technologies (what about Ruby, .NET, etc... ?)"

I know I'm getting a little ahead of ourselves but I just wanted to run this by you guys before we get too far into something that might cause implementation issues ?

And of course if any PHP CMS guys in here tell me it's no problem that's enough for me :) 

Best regards,
  Serge Huber.

[1] https://docs.google.com/a/jahia.com/document/d/16PLF4CjPfxo65BgkduKfUtg09-VbVOl9_mH5C9NC9p4/edit#heading=h.1j04dnd4rbr

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CTO & Co-founder - Jahia Solutions Group, 9 Routes de Jeunes, 1227 Acacias, Switzerland

Jahia’s next-generation, open source CMS stems from a widely acknowledged vision 
of enterprise application convergence – web, search, document, social and portal – 
unified by the simplicity of web content management.


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