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Subject: RE: [wemi] Thoughts on todays meeting

Agree on point 1-3.
Point 4: I think that it makes sense to have meeting about goals. Distributed meetings across companies and across the globe might cause indeed more time.
Even though I had the feeling we discussed today more than we do in our normal hour meeting. So maybe it's mostly about the meeting goal :)

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet,

Alex de Groot
Head of Service Development Department
Email: adg@sitecore.net  | Skype: sitecore_alexdegroot
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Sent: woensdag 5 december 2012 18:43
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Subject: [wemi] Thoughts on todays meeting


I quickly want to share some thoughts now after todays status meeting.

1) The current status/document
First of all I was positively surprised by the document and the proposal contained in it. If we outlined the content part a bit, it would be something I could put in action. Yea, I am of the simplistic fraction ;-)

2) Use cases & acceptance criteria:
That we move again to the use cases (or stories) might look as a step back but I see it more as a healthy second iteration of the process.

I propose to make stories, because they tend to be more atom and give a reason for it: As a ... I want to ... so that ...

Based on those we could clarify the scope once and for all. For the moment I think we struggle because everybody targets a different thing.

3) Task list
Since a while I have the feeling that we need a task list (with priority order and assignments). A google spreadsheet would do it.

4) Conference Calls
To be honest, they are often a waist of time. Again and again a good read: http://scottberkun.com/2010/the-22-minute-meeting

Anyway. Still alive and still WEMI ;-)


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