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wemi message

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Subject: Re: [wemi] Interest in joining the TC "Context Server"

Great news Julio! 
You are most welcome :-)
Vennlig hilsen/Best regards
Enonic AS

Thomas Sigdestad
+47 98236011

On 09 Jan 2015, at 09:19, Mr. Julio Camarero <julio.camarero@liferay.com> wrote:

Hello Serge (and everyone else),

I also see the Context Server TC as a very relevant and interesting standard.

I am the leader of the WCM team from Liferay Portal (www.liferay.com) and we have recently launched a whole framework called "Audience Targeting" which covers very similar features as the ones mentioned in the scope of the document.

For this reason, I would be very happy to participate in this new TC.

Best Regards,
Julio Camarero

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