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Subject: RE: [ws-brsp-comment] question on WS-I profile versions

Sorry for late response:
The core technical content (profile definitions) of these OASIS profile specifications is same as for former WS-I related profiles. 
The difference is peripheral: a clearer, more precise conformance clause (as required by OASIS). Also more explicit introduction (in appendix) to test assertions, themselves extracted as non-normative content in a separate file.
Since WS-I does not exist anymore, any possibility to progress these profiles further to international standards requires them to first be reformatted as OASIS specifications.
Note these OASIS profiles are currently in public review, until end October.

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Subject: [ws-brsp-comment] question on WS-I profile versions

If I recall, the versions currently being reviewed seem to correspond to the last versions created by WS-I before they folded into OASIS.  What do these drafts provide beyond what came from WS-I?

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