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Subject: Document Requirements for JTC1 PAS submissions

Here are some links to relevant documents on PAS submisson document styles:

ISO/IEC directives part 2 : rules for structure and drafting of Internationsl Standards

JTC1 Standing documents:


Zip file included SD 9 - guide to PAS transposition

subclause 6.1.2 Submissions has the following paragraph:

The format of the specification submitted is not regulated by JTC 1. However, PAS submitters are
encouraged to apply a documentation style close to ISO/IEC's style (as shown in the ISO/IEC Directives
Part 2), as this will ease later alignment at the time of the first review after five years. Advice on
ISO/IEC’s documentation style can be obtained from ITTF or the JTC 1 Secretariat who will refer them to
a PAS Mentor.

So we can use our existing format if we wish.

We could switch to the ISO template, but it is not required for a PAS submission.

The OMG acts as editor for its pas submissions, and provides the ITTF (jtc1 publication body) with PDF files
of the specs for publication.

OMG uses Framemaker for its specs.  They also format all their specs to be in the ISO style to ease PAS submissions.

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