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Subject: Re: [ws-brsp] FW: Work Product abbreviations for WS-BRSP templates -??

I'm a bit confused.  Why would "BP" have trademark issues but "BasicProfile" not?  We own both, don't we?  Or are they concerned because "BP" could mean British Petroleum?  If so, that's just silly.  In this case BP clearly is short of Basic Profile and its not a formal name, its just a part of a URL.  Are they really suggesting that ALL urls out there in the wild that might have "/bp/" in them are risking the wrath of the gas company?  Come on.  I would point out that they don't even own bp.net so good luck with that fight.  If OASIS is serious about this then they need to randomize all of their URLs because just a quick check of WSRM yields this:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_System_Resource_Manager   and we do use "wsrm" in some OASIS directory URLs.  Same for 'wsat' and 'wsba'.

My preference would be:

If we really want BP2.0 to be a new document with no relation to BP1.2 then we need a new name for it because no one, but us, will ever know that BP1.2 and BP2.0 are not related.  Besides, to me they are related.

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Inactive hide details for Jacques Durand ---11/27/2012 07:13:07 PM---Forwarding to you some options about the OASIS identificatJacques Durand ---11/27/2012 07:13:07 PM---Forwarding to you some options about the OASIS identification of the new profile specifications, for

From: Jacques Durand <JDurand@us.fujitsu.com>
To: "ws-brsp@lists.oasis-open.org" <ws-brsp@lists.oasis-open.org>,
Date: 11/27/2012 07:13 PM
Subject: [ws-brsp] FW: Work Product abbreviations for WS-BRSP templates -??
Sent by: <ws-brsp@lists.oasis-open.org>

Forwarding to you some options about the OASIS identification of the new profile specifications, for which I requested MSWord OASIS templates. TC admins wants us to decide.
In short:
Personally I’d tend to say yes to (a) but am reluctant to approve (b).
From: Paul Knight [mailto:paul.knight@oasis-open.org]
 Tuesday, November 27, 2012 12:52 PM
 Jacques Durand
 Chet Ensign
 Work Product abbreviations for WS-BRSP templates -??
Hi Jacques,
We received your four template requests... nice to see the TC getting off to a quick start with the documents!
Before producing the templates and setting the pattern for the file names, I'd like to list out the file names which would result from your requests [1] and suggest a couple of alternatives.
The proposed Work Product (WP) abbreviations are: BP12, BP20, RSP10, and BSP11.
The most noticeable issue is the repetition of the Version numbers in the WP abbreviations and in the actual Version identifier.
Based on your requests, we would have file names like:
While these names are "legal", I think they are probably not what the TC members really want... (I did not see any discussion of file names in the TC minutes.)
A simple change would be to remove the version from the WP abbreviation and just use the Version identifier, which would give us:
However, there is another constraint in the Naming Directives [2]:
"Filenames and directory names must not contain the trademarked names of products, companies, or other corporate entities where the mark is not owned by OASIS."
I think this means that "BP" could be a problem.  (I think that RSP and BSP are likely to be trademarked as well.)
I wonder, especially since the TC's focus is on maintenance of the WS-I specs, if it wouldn't be better to keep the same filenames (WP abbreviation) as in WS-I?  (The names can be seen by following the links from the "references" at the end of the TC Charter web page [3])
The WS-I files use the camel-case names:
and the file names would be:
These look great to me, although somewhat long...
Please let me know if you want to modify the requested WP abbreviations, and which WP abbreviations you would like to use.
Best regards,
P.S. I'll also update the affiliation for one of the Editors (Abbie) to his current company.
[1] Template requests:
[2] Naming Directives:
[3] WS-BRSP charter links:
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