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Subject: RE: [ws-brsp] FW: Work Product abbreviations for WS-BRSP templates -??

After more talk with Paul Knight / staff, it appears that there should not be trademark issues.


So the following URIs suggested by Doug are fine:


unless I hear otherwise from you by end of week, we’ll go with these by beginning 2013.


Also we’ll need to have a short list of editors for each one of these. As a starter (can be modified later…) I volunteered Tom Rutt, myself, Micah and Ram. Any complaint to be added or removed will be considered!

Basically, the idea is that whoever is on the editorial team, might at least be requested to do  a few minor updates now and then. Must be able to hold the pen as required. Tom and I volunteer to do the first major migration to the Word templates, when these are in.




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