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Subject: next call (Jan 31) tentative agenda and tentative schedule (11amPT instead of noonPT) (?)


I am trying to free myself from the 11am-noonPT conflict on Thursdays, which could make it possible to move up the regular BRSP call at 11amPT instead of noonPT, starting with our next call Jan 31. (note: Jan 31 may be longer than 1h if we have a long editorial review of initial drafts – TBD depending on people’s constraints).

Please let me know within a week if that tentative slot (Thu 11amPT) is NOT good for you…

Also, tentative agenda (to be refined, and posted a week before meeting):

NOTE: agenda item for Ram, Doug and myself: donation of test tools (see: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ws-brsp/email/archives/201211/msg00003.html )



1. Administrative
    - Minutes previous meeting (Nov 15)


    - Next meeting(s) schedule.

2. Specification maintenance and progression

    - Review the initial drafts of four profiles (BSP, BP12, BP20, RSP) after initial conversion to the new OASIS templates (drafts to be posted a week before meeting). Discussion on editorial remaining details and options.

   - Test assertions as a separate companion doc: pure XML file or introductory document? (or introduction in profile spec appendix?)


3. Distribution and management of source code (long term)

    - Follow-up on donation from tools authoring companies (MSFT, IBM, Fujitsu…) see: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ws-brsp/email/archives/201211/msg00003.html

  - Follow-up on OASIS repository, what can be done, what effort are we/not ready to put in…



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