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Subject: details about initial uploads of BP1.2, BP2.0, RSP1.0 OASIS working drafts


Please see the email notices for uploads of the initial OASIS drafts for BP1.2, BP2.0, RSP1.0. (BSP still in the works), that Tom Rutt and myself have been working on.

We’ll discuss them on next call, to be scheduled Jan 31 (same time noon PT).

Particular points of attention:

-          Section 1 “Introduction”: now merges both the WS-I intro material with the standard OASIS intro material. Check the new “Test Assertions” small section (1.3), referring to both an external test assertions (XML) file TBD, and an appendix D with more explanations about TAs. See new Appendix D about “Testing”, that will serve as intro to the adjunct XML test assertions file.

-          References (1.7 and 1.8): refs to other profiles will still need be converted as refs to “other OASIS work”.

-          Section 2 “Conformance”: Check the overall flow of this new extended section, with a subsection that will detail the conformance clauses (2.4)outlines of 2 conformance levels for BP12 and BP20.

-          Check the extended set of Appendices. We could move up the references from Appendix A into the References (non-normative) section 1.8 (note: many of these refs can be grouped to a ref to the same document).

-          Still several formatting and little editorial glitches to fix.

For your review.


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