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Subject: PR comments received


We received a (large) number of comments:

BP1.2 comments:


BP2.0 comments:


RSP10 comments:


BSP11 comments:



Suggested way to proceed:

First step is to do a triage of these comments: consists of putting each comment in one of 4 buckets:

Bucket C1: need not be addressed: the TC can ignore it, i.e. no change in the spec (although we’ll explain why in our comment disposition)

Bucket C2: need a non-material spec change (see definition below) that the TC should do, for the sake of spec quality and also because editorial requirements may need this for OS status.

Bucket C3: need a material spec change: the fix may affect implementations and the normative meaning of the specification.

Bucket C4: don’t know exactly where to classify this comment (1,2,3?)

Non-Material Change" is any change to the content of a Work Product (i.e. specification) that does not add or remove any feature of the Work Product and that: (a) constitutes only error corrections, editorial changes, or formatting changes;…”. A Non-material comment does not require another public review, when fixed.

Practically, the advice is to use 3 additional columns in the spreadsheet : C1, C2, C3, and to put a mark (‘X’) in the right column. If a comment is marked in more than just one column, it means it is in “bucket C4”.

In terms of process:

-           we’ll have someone pioneering the review – Tom and myself – on parts of some profile.

-          Then we report on our findings and classification method, by Nov 21 next meeting.

-          Then once we agree on same guidelines on how to proceed, we get a reviewer assigned to each profile to complete the triage.

-          Then we complete by re-classifying what is in bucket C4.

-          Then we get editors proposing solutions for C2, C3 comments, for each profile (triage can already suggest some).

-          On demand of reviewers/editors, the TC will be invited to examine the most controversial of these comments/proposals. (January meeting)

I would expect we should be done with comments disposition by our February meeting.




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