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Subject: Proposal to fix broken links in Profile Documents

There are a lot of links in the profiles to external documents.

Some of these are identified as normative references, but not all of them.

The links in the body have urls to the documents themselves.

I propose that we have an action item between now and the next meeting to:

Add normative or non-normative reference to sections 1.7 / 1.8 to correspond to every external http link in each of the profiles bp 1.2 bp 2.0 and rsp 1.0

Provide an HTTP anchor for each reference tag [xxxx]
in clauses 1.7 and 1.9 of each profile.

Replace the http link to external documents in the body of each profile, with an internal link to the anchor for the reference to that external document.

This way we can maintain the actual links to the external documents only in the reference section of the profiles.   

The reader would have to first migrate via http to the reference anchor, and then would be able to use the http link in the reference text to that external document.

Tom Rutt

change the link in the body of the text

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