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Subject: Re: [ws-caf-editors] Latest xml files

Mark and I discussed this already, but the "CompletionStatus" remains as an (optional) xsd:string in Complete/Completed.


Mark Little wrote:
- Removal of the Completion status type and messages.

The type was supposed to remain but have no values in Context. It was
supposed to be an optional parameter to complete. Can you fix this, since
it's no longer in line with the agreed issue we had in New Orleans? I
haven't checked the latest version of the doc that Greg sent round, but when
I last saw it, it was consistent with New Orleans.

- Removal of ALS

- Changing of ActivityService to ContextService and UserActivityService
to UserContextService.  NB The spec refers to UserContextService as
UserCTXService (this should be changed)

Good point.

- Introduction of the ServiceRef type for addressing.

- Addition of the optional ctx-manager element to the context structure
for pass-by-reference contexts.


Mark Little,
Chief Architect, Transactions,
Arjuna Technologies Ltd.



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