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ws-caf-editors message

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Subject: fallout from New Orleans f2f

Apologies if this comes through more than one: I had trouble with my 
mail client.

I'm going through the minutes from New Orleans and have the following
AIs for people (please read to the end of the email to see ALL action


Can you fold in issues 241, 244 and 246 to the latest draft?

Also issue 235.


251, 208

Mark Little makes motion that all CF interfaces must be contextualized.


Fold in issue 249.

Look at issue 233.

Motion by Greg Pavlik recoverParticipant replaced by replaceParticipant.
Motion seconded by Mark Little.

comment four: Mark Little makes motion to replace recoverRegistration
with replaceRegistration. Greg Pavlik seconds motion.


Issues 236, 257

Tony Fletcher
makes motion to remove any element from CF Registration context. Mark
Little seconds.

AI implementation subgroup: should consider how ACID model can be
incorporated into interop scenarios.


Editorial action: insert text
indicating that WSDL is normative over examples. AI for Martin to search
minutes for instructions.

Martin to check with Oracle's new Security Guru about why we sign 
context *and*
context-id separately.


Can everyone look at 257

because I'm not sure the minutes accurately reflect the discussion and
subsequent issue.

Also from the minutes:

Tony notes that In Context schema, element assertion doesn't seem to be
used. Greg Pavlik makes motion to remove assertion element. Tony

This is definitely wrong if it's talking about Assertion as the base
element for all messages. Wasn't it actually about StatusElementType?
Fletcher seconds. AI for Kevin to remove.


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