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Subject: Re: [ws-caf-editors] updated specs

Greg, can you RESOLVED->LATER the issues in bugzilla and say how they 
were addressed? Alternatively, send me the descriptions and I'll do it.


Greg Pavlik wrote:

> Both CF and Context attached. These updates close issues 235, 241, and 
> 246. I am going to have to finish off 244 in parallel as it turned out 
> to be a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated.
> Kevin, please note comments related to XML changes required in texts.
> Mark, there are a couple of issues flagged in comments. Assuming you 
> agree they are non-editorial, they should go on the next meeting 
> agenda. Also, before you do your issue changes, you should do an 
> "unpolluted" end to end read of the docs to make sure mine make 
> sense/are consistent internally to a spec and across both specs. I can 
> do the same once you've done your changes.
> Greg

Mark Little
Chief Architect
Arjuna Technologies Ltd

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