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Subject: Re: [ws-caf-editors] updated specs

Hi Greg. I'll add your issues. The only comment I really have about the 
WS-Context document you sent is that it deletes the type field from the 
context, but I can't then find any text that defines how the equivalent 
information is then intended to be made available (i.e., via subtyping). 
The original issue text in the New Orleans minutes was fairly detailed 
about why type was no longer required and how semantic information about 
the context should be conveyed. Maybe you can cut-and-paste some of that?


Greg Pavlik wrote:

> Both CF and Context attached. These updates close issues 235, 241, and 
> 246. I am going to have to finish off 244 in parallel as it turned out 
> to be a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated.
> Kevin, please note comments related to XML changes required in texts.
> Mark, there are a couple of issues flagged in comments. Assuming you 
> agree they are non-editorial, they should go on the next meeting 
> agenda. Also, before you do your issue changes, you should do an 
> "unpolluted" end to end read of the docs to make sure mine make 
> sense/are consistent internally to a spec and across both specs. I can 
> do the same once you've done your changes.
> Greg

Mark Little
Chief Architect
Arjuna Technologies Ltd

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