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ws-caf-implement message

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Subject: A brief report

Hi all, and sorry for the delay I took to restart discussion on the implementation group. I have been quite busy these last days.


Since we have planned to use for our demon the sample application designed by the WS-I consortium, an issue has been arisen to consider if there was IPR that may prevent us to use such sample. It appears that there is no a specific IPR issues. We are allowed to implement the interfaces published by the WS-I Sample apps group, but we cannot claim that what we produce in the WS-CAF implementation group are official WS-I Sample Apps.  This is not our intention. We should rather say that the demo application we are defining is based “loosely” on the WS-I sample application. I’ll change this in the charter.


We are about to send a document giving more details on the application, and in its first version we plan to explain how to introduce the way to use the WS-CTX, and to consider how an interoperability between different implementations can be achieved.


To discuss these different points, we still have the mailing list but it’s welcome if we can discuss via a conference-call.


For those interested by the discussion, can I ask you for your availability this week?

Oracle (thanks Simeon) is available to host this meeting.





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