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ws-caf-implement message

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Subject: the demo application

Hi all


As I said in my previous email, we are about to propose a description of the demo application. Simeon will send us this document shortly.

As you know, the demo application is based on the WS-I Supply Chain Management (SCM) Application. We prefer now to say that our application is loosely based on the WS-I SCM application.

The demo application should normally be configured to demonstrate all WS-CAF specifications, step by step beginning with the WS-CTX, then the WS-CF and finally the WS-TXM. Rather than describing the way the demo application will use the different specification now, we envisage describing it first with the WS-CTX then with the others. Obviously we should define an agenda to provide the subsequent descriptions.


In addition to your comments, after receiving the document, we could discuss the following points:

-          Who is interested by the implementation and the participation to the interoperability demo

-          Establish the calendar


Best regards


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