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Subject: Discussion on the demo application

Hi All


After a silence (Hmmm let say it a “little silence”), let’s re-discuss on the demo application.

Simeon has produced some files to use in demo application. These files concern mainly the Retailer.

I have added hereafter Simeon’s comment explaining the files.


“I've stripped down the Retailer wsdl from WS-I.  I haven't changed the namespaces, but I've removed dependencies on some other schemas and wsdls.  So there are now only 3 fiels that we need for implementing the Retailer.  The Retailer.wsdl has the operations and messages; RetailerOrder.xsd has type definitions for product ordering and customer info; RetailCatalog.xsd has the item definition and descriptions.  So the general idea is that when you invoke the getCatalog operation on Retailer you will get a list of CatalogItem types.  When you make a call to submitOrder on the Retailer you will send a PartsOrderRequest (which has specifies the quantity and price of each catalog item you wish to purchase) and then get a response that shows what you've purchased.
We may have to change a thing or two in the submitOrder paradigm for our demo, but for now let me know if you have enough to start implementing the basic interfaces.”


Let’s consider the following points:

- In the document DemoApplication_WSContext, we have defined a set of components to use for the demo application. Among these components, there is an Activity LifeCycle Service or ALS. We can define only one. When enlisted with the Context Service, it should provide the protocol-uri for this enlistement. This same protocol-uri is the one to be used by the application on context creation and control (begin, complete, …). In order to use a same protocol-uri, let’s consider this simple uri for the demo application “urn:wscafdemo:contextprotocol


- In the same document, we have indicated that an ALS may be used to augment the context and the context can be augmented by a separate service. We need to clarify the behaviour of the ALS. According to this behaviour we could see how many ALS need to be enlisted (one per company?), when they/it need to be enlisted and with which Context Service they/it are/is enlisted?


- Concerning the shopping card that should define the context, we should agree on its content and decide on the way to propagate it (reference/value).

What we need to do now is enhancing the behaviour of the submitOrder invocation.





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