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ws-caf-implement message

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Subject: minutes of the call meeting April 7th

Hi All


I have attached a minute for the call meeting we had this last Wednesday.

Please comment (today or Friday) in such way I can put it on the Implementation Group Page.



Minutes of the Implementation group call-meeting April 7th

1- Define a protocol-uri for the demo application (example - urn:wscafdemo:contextprotocol)
We agreed that in its first step, the protocol-uri is needed to demonstrate the inter-operability
The proposed urn is accepted.

2- Do we need an ALS for the application? 
In the document titled DemoApplication_WSContext, it has been mentionned to use an ALS. The role of such ALS has not been defined and we discussed on the way to integrate it in the demo application, and is it needed to be implemented by every demo implementers. 
The context for such application can be modified by an ALS or at the application level. The aim of this application is mainly to demonstrate how context is shared. We do not mandate to use ALS, it's let optional.

3- In addition to the standard context, what additional context needed by the application? 
Simeon should send by the end of the week, the description of the shopping card used as additional context managed by the application.

4- What kind of context propagation: by reference/by value?
The propagation by reference need the presence of the Context Manager which is not necessarily provided by ws-context implementation. Because the timing and internal resources (testing, etc..) to provide such propagation, we have retained the propagation by value.
5- Prepare the f2f meeting. 
The discussion we had concerned the agenda for the f2f. In other words do we plan present an interoperable demo during the f2f. According to the progress we are doing on our ws-contexts implementations and the tests suite to do, we are not sure for the moment to show an interoperable demo. According to the delay that happen to have a stable version of the ws-context, working on non-stable versions may prevent a good interoperability between implementations, particularly if appropriate tests have not been completed by participants.
Rather than to say that we will show an interoperable demo, we prefer during the f2f to provide a detailed report (to define??) and possibly show individual demo.

6- Organize a call meeting before the f2f 
Unless needed discussion continue on the mailing list.

- Simeon: Produce the content of the shopping card as the additional content for the context
- Malik : put on Kavi the description of the demo application with the WS-Context


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